InAlliance, Inc. — About Us


InAlliance at a Glance

Mission Statement

InAlliance supports the belief that people with developmental disabilities have an absolute right and responsibility to participate fully and equally in society and to maximize their own quality of life.

INALLIANCE is committed to providing services that contribute to the independence of adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury. Services focus on job placement, employment training and the facilitation of supports necessary for integrated employment and community living.

Meeting Employer Needs

  • Identifying potential positions and job requirements
  • Developing job matches based on identified job requirements and employee skills
  • Assisting company personnel in working effectively with new employees
  • Providing on-site support to employers and employees for the life of the job

Our History

  • 1952: Founded by a group of parents desiring a day program.
  • 1980: Funded by the State of California to establish a sheltered workshop. Grew from 70 consumers to 200 within two years.
  • 1984: Transitioned more than 200 consumers to integrated employment sites.
  • 1993: Began first program serving consumers in their homes and communities.
  • 1995: Began serving consumers in El Dorado County.
  • 2006: Provide service for 400 consumers throughout the year with a staff of 220 full-time and part-tiime employees.

Click here for more information about disability services in Sacramento

InAlliance, Inc. — About Us

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