Information and Referral
In Need of Help or support? Call the Mental Health Association Information and Referral line. This program is operated by consumer staff and provides peer support, linkage, referrals, and resource information to the community. Please call (916) 366-4601.

Campaign for America’s Mental Health
In partnership with the National Mental Health Association, MHA, Sacramento participates in the Campaign for America’s Mental Health. This Campaign provides public education and awareness of mental illness as well as depression and anxiety screenings, advocacy, media outreach and primary care outreach. For more information, Please call 366-4668.

SAFE (Sacramento Advocacy for Family Empowerment)
SAFE works with family members of children with mental illness to ensure their needs are being met in the public mental health system. This is done through empowering family members to have a voice at all levels of system care and public policy. SAFE also operates a bi-monthly support and education group called Family Night Out. For more information, please contact Janice Massie at 875-4950.

Consumer Advocay
Consumer Advocacy staff work within the County of Sacramento’s mental health system to ensure that the needs of the adult mental health clients are being addressed in meaningful ways. Consumers are encouraged to have a voice in public policy and program and policy development system-wide with a focus on self-help, recovery and consumer empowerment. For more information, please contact Tina Wooton at 875-4710.

Senior Peer Counseling
Peer counselors recruit and train volunteers to visit isolated, homebound seniors who lack outside support. Volunteer peer counselors provide emotional support, friendship and connections to needed resources. For more information, please contact Donna Reynolds at 855-5444.

Staff members speak to local college campuses about mental illness, consumer empowerment, and the value of volunteering. Mental health consumers are included as part of our volunteer staff and are provided with a supportive environment where they can learn job skills and develop positive self-esteem.

Public Affairs
The MHA Board of Directors addresses mental health policy at all levels of government. Special attention goes to increasing the availability, quality and affordability of care. The Chapter also participates with the California Coalition for Mental Health.

Support Groups and Self-Help Training
Self-help means people coming together to share ways of dealing with a common problem. MHA provides technical assistance and training for new and potential support group facilitators. Additionally, we promote and refer to specialized support groups such as; Schizophrenics Anonymous, Depressive/Bi-polar Association, AMAC (Adults Molested as Children), Alcoholics Anonymous, Bereavement Outreach, Homelessness/Mental Illness groups, Conflict Resolution Services, Consumer’s Self Help Center and many more.

Tri-County Self-Help Directory
Annual publication presently lists over 275 self-help groups in Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties, and is available for a minimal fee.

Any question about any of the above information, please contact us at (916) 366-4600 or email

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