Sacramento County – Mental Health Crisis Intervention

Sacramento County – Mental Health Crisis Intervention
Sacramento County has a full array of community mental health services available primarily during normal weekday business hours. For adults, four geographically based Regional Support Team (RST) clinics provide these outpatient services. The procedure to access emergency or crisis intervention RST services is found by calling that agency’s main number at any time. Additionally, the County Mental Health Treatment Center operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. The Treatment Center has a Crisis Clinic where families and individuals can “walk-in” for emergency intervention when a crisis cannot wait for a routine appointment elsewhere in the system of care. The Crisis Clinic also evaluates involuntary clients brought in by police, sheriffs, a crisis evaluation team or ambulance. The clinic’s evaluators determine the nature of the crisis and its acuity. The evaluator also determines the individual’s ability to return to the community to seek voluntary outpatient follow-up, the appropriateness of a Crisis Residential program placement, or the need for ongoing involuntary care. During weekends, holidays or after the hours of the community treatment sites, calls to the Crisis Center at 732-3637 will reach someone knowledgeable of local crisis intervention resources. Specialty ServicesAdditionally there are specialty services providing a limited degree of crisis intervention in the community. The MedClinic/Geriatric Network evaluates elderly individuals suffering from acute mental health problems. Two of the local private inpatient facilities also have crisis teams able to evaluate individuals in the community. MERTThe crisis clinic has a specialty evaluation team for children, called the Minor Emergency Response Team (MERT), which is located within the Treatment Center at 2150 Stockton Blvd. MERT Mental health assessment

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