Sacramento Self Help Housing – Housing Options

Sacramento Self Help Housing – Housing Options
On this page you can search for various types of housing. Each search allows you to see all of the listed properties or you can limit the search for housing that suits your needs. To start the search, click on a housing option name or a housing option button located to the left in the Housing Options section. Rental Housing Search – You can search for lower-end rental housing based on several requirements to suit your needs. Board and Care – Board & Care’s are similar to rooming houses except they are geared toward people who can longer care for themselves and therefore offer a more supportive living environment Campgrounds – Emergency Shelters – Get detailed information about emergency shelters including location, phone number, cost (if any#, and services. Friendship Housing – Our Friendship Housing program offers inexpensive rentals to 100 otherwise homeless individuals. If you are interested in the program please contact us at #916) 448-1074. Mobile Home Parks – Here you will find a growing list of mobile home parks in the Sacramento area. Note that some of the parks only offer spaces while others offer actual homes. Motels – Search for motels throughout the Sacramento area. Property Management Companies – View a list of property management companies located throughout the Sacramento area. Recovery Programs – Room and Board – Search for room and board locations, which are similar to rooming houses except they typically offer meals and are more expensive. Rooming Houses – You can find information on rooming houses, which are inexpensive shared living arrangements where the tenants share a house and typically a room. Shared Rentals – SRO Hotels – Here you will find detailed information on a number of Single Room Occupancy Hot

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