Sacramento State – Psychological Counseling Services – Notable Websites

Sacramento State – Psychological Counseling Services – Notable Websites
Mental Health Sacramento Valley Psychological Association. The SVPA website contains useful information about mental health resources in the Sacramento valley as well as an index of local licensed psychologists and their specialty areas of treatment. This site also includes many useful articles for healthy psychological functioning. ULifelineAn online resource center for college student mental health and emotional well being. APA Help Center (American Psychological Association). Articles and information to help you balance your life, improve your mental health, and find the help you are looking for at home, in the family and at work. Return to the top of this page Care Giving Alzheimers Association information on drugs/treatment options, caregiver resources, fact sheets, support group infoDel Oro Caregiver Resource Center Part of a statewide system of regional resource centers serving families and caregivers of brain impaired adults (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s, and other degenerative diseases of the brain; stroke and other cerebrovascular accidents; traumatic brain injury and post infectious damage; brain tumors and permanent damage as a result of seizures, substance toxicity, and other such disorders.Return to the top of this page Health Centers for Disease Control Health recommendations by geographic location, food and water precautions, disease outbreak info. — a "must see" site for the travelerCyber Diet Online "interactive nutritional profile"Complementary and Alternative Medicine Home Page From acupuncture and Ayruvedic medicine to vision enhancement and yogaHarvard Medical School Family Health Guide A guide which answers basic questions about diagnostic medical tests: w

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