No one is immune from mental illness.

No one is immune from mental illness. Any person regardless of age, economic status, or race can develop a mental illness. Yet it is difficult for many of us to understand why mental health policy receives less support for government spending increases than does health care. We must recognize all the barriers that contribute to the stigmatization and discrimination of mental health.



Every step Tita takes down the deeply carpeted hallway at Klegel, Fustsom and Moss is a pleasure. She reaches up to make sure her chignon is still tightly pinned and then makes her quiet entrance into the board room where she will give her weekly report on telephone usage for each of the firm’s 187 employees. Yesterday she reviewed with these elderly gentlemen the facts on postage and printing consumption. Wednesdays she devoted to auto, air-fare and hotel expenses. Tuesday was health and pension benefits. Then on Mondays she gives them the latest ratios on overtime vs. part-time employee hours, the only payroll figure about which Tita harbors a decided personal bias. The more overtime she gets the less time she has available for her personal life which has grown so difficult that she has come to think of it as her night-job.

Life at Klegel, Fustsom and Moss is…

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