Do you ever bother to know what kind of mental illness you suffer that makes you have:

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Sleep disturbance, social isolation or withdrawal, reduced ability to carry out work or other roles, difficulties with concentration or attention, sense of alteration of self, others or the outside world (e.g. feeling that self or others have changed or are acting different in some way), strange ideas, unusual perceptual experiences (such as a reduction or greater intensity of smell, sound or color), delusions, hallucinations, depression, anxiety, irritability, suspiciousness, blunted, flat or inappropriate emotion, change in appetite, reduced energy and motivation, increased energy and overactivity, elated mood, needing less sleep than usual, rapid thinking and speech, lack of inhibitions, grandiose delusions, lack of insight, sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, lack of emotional responsiveness, helplessness, hopelessness, self-criticism, self-blame, pessimism, impaired memory and concentration, indecisiveness and confusion, thoughts of death and suicide, crying spells, withdrawal from others, worrying, neglect of responsibilities, loss of interest in personal appearance, loss of motivation, chronic fatigue, lack of…

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